ZKSAFE Password Intro

ZKPass (ZKSAFE Password abbr.ZKPass) has 2 features:

  1. Set Password

  2. Verify signing

In this case, signing verifying is for another project’s contract, such as the ZKSAFE contract. Setting passwords is also implemented in the ZKSAFE plugin. To connect with more projects, an ZKPass website was developed where ZKPass is an independent project, so partners can better understand how ZKPass operates at the protocol level rather than relying on the ZKSAFE extension.

The password of ZKPass is the same as ZKSAFE

In short, ZKPass is to B and ZKSAFE is to C


Open https://password.zksafe.pro/ , clickConnect Walletbutton to connect MetaMask

Enter password twice, then click the Set Password button, the computer will run the ZK calculation, wait a few seconds (depending on the performance of your computer). After the computer finishes the ZK calculation, the MetaMask confirmation box will pop up

If you have set a password, you will see the reset page and view your recent password setting records

Old password is required for resetting new one

About Password (Very important)

Here's what you need to know about passwords. Please remember them carefully

  • ZKPass does not store your password, and no one knows your password except yourself

  • ZKPass has no administrator, no one can help you retrieve or reset your password

  • Don't forget your password. Don't save in computer or phone. Write it down on paper

There's nothing we can do to stop the password-cracking, about the password strength

  • 6 characters can be cracked in 10 days, don't make it that short

  • 8 characters may take only months in the future as computer performance improves;

  • 12 characters are recommended, which can be a short sentence + a number, such as 2022IHaveADreamToday

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